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The battle continues, and Jan, our second contestant never stops going. Watch him get real nasty here as he crashes into a changing room on a lake shore. Just by chance, there’s a sweet chubby blonde granny in there! Embarrassed,… continue reading »

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Oh, these artists, crazy in the head, crazy in the bed. Jiri saw an ad saying an artist was looking for models – nude models, mind you. A hot stud that he was, he decided to make his charms work… continue reading »

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Here, Jiri takes advantage of a foreign granny muff. He spots a sexy-looking old bitch in the tourist part of town and plays nice by offering her to take care of her ubiquitous tourist shopping. He’s so sweet that soon… continue reading »

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Jiri here does not waste time as well and cruises the city for more granny flesh to fuck. He realized he could use some tailoring and came to this shop to get his trousers adjusted. Some chemistry started working between… continue reading »

Granny Sex Movies

The challenge started, and Jiri is on the prowl. The weather kicks ass and the streets are filled with sunlight. Sounds like a perfect situation to pick up some granny meat! Our guy is smart enough to invite this cute… continue reading »